Friendship Baptist Association
Saturday, March 28, 2020

Pathways Counseling Center

A Ministry of the Alabama Baptist Children's Home.
Pathways Professional Counseling is a branch of the Alabama Baptist Children's Home and Family Ministries. We provide counseling that is consistent with Biblical principles for children and their families in a family-friendly environment. We are proud of our Christian faith and our Baptist affiliation and heritage. The counselors we employ support and embrace the values and beliefs generally held by Alabama Baptists, and the services we provide are consistent with these values and beliefs. We are funded by the generous gifts of Alabama Baptist churches and individuals.

It is our belief that all of our clients deserve the highest quality counseling services possible without regard to race, gender, religion, physical challenge, ethnic origin, or level of income. Because we receive funding from generous Alabama Baptists, we are able to offer subsidies for our services. We will make every effort to find a workable payment plan for any families requesting services.
  • Counseling for individuals
  • Creative techniques for counseling children
  • Marriage enrichment seminars
  • Parenting Skills
  • Divorce Recovery
Please call 205-274-2879 for an appointment in either Blount or Cullman County.
You, too, can help the Alabama Baptist
Children’s Homes and Family Ministries
by providing various items. A needs list,
contact name, and phone number is
provided for each location.
For the Decatur Campus
Call Paulette DeVine at
256-355-6893 for more information.
·          Powder Laundry detergent
Fabric Sheets
Dish detergent
Powder Dish Washer detergent
Spray and Wash pre-treatment
Static Guard
Paper towels, plates, cups and napkins
Batteries (All sizes)
·          Garbage bags
Soap, bath gel bodywash
Shampoo, conditioner
Toothbrushes, Toothpaste
Dental Floss
Deodorant for boys and girls
Bath Towels
Beach Towels
Mattress pads for twin size beds
·          Fingernail Clippers 
For the Gardendale Group Home & Family Care
in Alabaster Call Carolyn Eberlein at 205-945-0037
for more information
·          Gift Cards and Gift Certificates
·          Powder Laundry detergent
·          Dish detergent
·          Powder Dish Washer detergent
·          Garbage bags
·          Financial gifts for bedroom furniture
·          Bed linens: twin sheets, matching sets (not white)
·          Baby diapers (all sizes)
·          Cleaning supplies
·          Financial gifts for tutoring expense
For the Friendship House in Oxford 
Call Ted Embry at 256-235-2558
for more information.
·     Light bulbs (4 foot fluorescent, 150 watt outside flood,
      65 watt flood BR#), 50 watt flood R20,
      40 watt decorative chandelier, 3 way bulbs)
·        Back sprayer
   Gas weed eater
   Electric can opener
   Shower safety non-slip mats for inside tub and showers
   Freezer paper and freezer bags
·     Cameo stainless steel cleaner
Money or gift certificates to
        purchase boys/girls swim suits
     Beach towels
     Fishing tackle, rods and reels
     Shower shoes for camp
For office: money for professional counseling resources
        (puppets, play therapy items, art supplies) 
      Money for library materials  
For the Dothan Group Home Call Alicia Weed
or Cecilia Raley at 334-677-7856 for more information.
  ·         American Flag and Flagpole 
·          Gas Grill 
·          Groups or individuals to provide meals for foster care fellowships
·          Yard working equipment (rakes,
hay rake)
·          Financial gifts for ice machine 
·          Updated computers 
·          Light bulbs (60 watt) 
·          Personal hygiene supplies,
excluding toothpaste
·          Canned goods, (vegetables, soups and fruits) 
·          Paper products (paper towels,
       napkins, tissue paper)
·          Pantry supplies (plastic trash bags, zip lock bags, foil, clear wrap)
·          Group to help clean windows 
  For the Mobile Campus Call Sandra Bolton
at 251-639-1022 for more information. School
begins August 11at the Mobile Campus. 
Please bring or mail the following items to
6512 Grelot Road, Mobile, AL 36695-2657 by Aug. 1.
·          School Uniforms: Sponsorships of $125 - $150 per child are needed to pay for the uniforms required. 
·          School Supplies: Sponsorships of $20 - $50 per child are needed for items specifically requested. 
·          Other School Supplies: Durable, heavy duty book bags, medium sized pointed scissors, three ring hard
back binders, Anti-bacterial gel, liquid hand soap, Kleenex, paper towels